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A Little About Me

A Little Background...

My qualifications:

US Marine Corps Infantryman

Marine Comat Instructor of Water Survival

Associates Degree in Computers and Information Technology

NASM Certified Personal Traininer

NASM Certified Youth Exercise Specialist

NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist

I have been into fitness and physical training since I was in high school.  I played a few team sports but my interest peaked when I decided to join the United States Marine Corps.  I trained myself and did very well physically in boot camp and the Fleet Marine Force.  I love all genres of physical fitness and have experienced most of them first hand.  A few areas I have excelled at or enjoyed are kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, endurance events, rucking, CrossFit, and obstacle course racing.  I use all of my past experiences and research to give you the best experience possible.  I also use these years of  knowledge to teach you as I train you!

Obstacle Course Racing!

I've trained for and enjoyed an assortment of Obstace Course Races such as Spartan, Tough Mudder, RhinO Course, and, most importantly, 4 years in the US Marine Corps Infantry!  


Aside from the US Marine Corps, I've completed rucking and endurance events such as SISU Iron, RhinO 24HR, and numerous events in the GORUCK universe!

What I Can Do For You!

What to Expect...

I have a very relaxed and down to earth way of training physical fitness.  I take into account people's personal lives and help them to make better decisions towards their health on a daily basis.  I practice and preach long lasting permanent changes instead of the "quick fix" diets and exercise regimens. I teach as I train so that the understanding of the movement or exercise isn't temporary or just to get you to sweat.  I truly believe that personal training isn't just to give you a great workout; that it is an educational journey and mutual relationship that we are building.  

Training Environment..

My training studio is 100% private and is fully stocked with everything I need to help you accomplish your goals. I also am able to meet you at a location of your choice; your house, the park, or even, my favorite, the beach!  I am very understanding when it comes to children and can make allowances, such as toys and coloring books, for your children while you train.  

The First Step..

Nothing can start until you take the first step!! I offer a range of different training products from regular 60+min training sessions to 6 and 12 week training plans that are individually designed for you. Do you have a goal of running a race such as 5k or even an obstacle course race? I can get you fully prepared for the race and in most cases will run the event with you!  

My training encompasses everything from physical training, nutrition advice, and help with identifying and moving past mental blocks.  Call today so we can start your journey to a happier, healthier life!! 



I didn't know what to expect when I started personal training.  Dustin has made it fun and yet very challenging; but that's what we're here for!  He has pushed me to believe in myself and accomplish things I never thought possible.  He explains new exercises so well you can tell he really enjoys what he does.  I was able to meet my goals and surpass them with the help of Dustin.  There is no better investment than in yourself! - Shelly


"I was looking to find a personal trainer that could help me reach my fitness goals and enable me to learn more about fitness. Dustin has proved to be the perfect instructor and source of motivation for me to not only reach my goals but surpass them. His positive attitude, consistent and patient encouragement through challenging workouts, and enthusiasm for always challenging me to set higher goals for myself has been great inspiration for me over the course of my training. This has helped me in all areas of my life, including at home caring for my family, at work doing daily physical activities, and in my self-confidence and personal capabilities. If you are looking for a knowledgeable trainer that is passionate about fitness, delivers great motivation while working with you one-on-one to tailor each workout, nutritional habits, and detailed guidelines on fitness techniques to your needs; he is the best in the central coast area. I recommend him to all of my friends and family, or anyone that is looking to improve themselves, their self-confidence, and knowledge of core fitness principles for personal growth and development.” -Kristine


"Dustin was able to uniquely design workouts to fit how to best benefit my personal needs. He was able to make a workout fun, yet when it came to down to grit he was the backbone to push me one step farther than i thought i could. He has a way of teaching key skills that is helpful in day to day success."  - Stephanie

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